I change the world, the world changes me.


If I got any of these Valentine’s I would set it on fire and then burn the ashes again.

Nicolas Cages needs to gtf off my planet.







so these are the valentines day cards i’m giving out to my class„

i want to be in your class.

i want to be your class

i want to BE IT

i want them all


oh man, comic sans.

These are amazing.

You are amazing.

Played 7,889 times



48 hours later, it’s still raining.

Why today was sketchy

Today I went to Superfresh.  As usual I ended up leaving with way more stuff than anticipated.  Meaning I went in for milk and left with $30 of stuff.  So, as I was debating whether I wanted to buy pens and pencils or not, I felt someone staring at me.  When I turned around there was this old man standing behind me waiting to pass.  I apologized and moved my cart out of the way so he could squeeze around me.  In accented English, he replied, “That’s all right, I enjoyed looking at you.”  Um, uncomfortable.  Following that, I ran into him repeatedly, as awkward situations love me.  Each time, he would half yell, “THIS MUST BE MY LUCKY DAY!”  When I was leaving the store, he came over and grabbed some of my bags for me, asking, “Are you a student at American?  I’ll give you a ride to campus.”  Trying to extricate my purchases from his freezing old man hands I replied, “Oh no, I’m not a student there.  And I have a car.  Thanks anyway.”  Still refusing to let go of my bags, he said, “Well I’ll help you to your car then.”  At this point I was so weirded out, that I couldn’t help thinking, sure.  Help me to my car, then I can walk you back to your grave.  So as we’re strolling to my car, he’s asking me all these questions about myself.  I ended up making up a story about how my name was Veronica, and I graduated from NYU with a degree in international relations and how I had moved here for work.  When he saw the giraffe beanie baby in my car window, he said, “Oh, you can’t possibly have a child.  You’re far too young.”  Then I launched into a new story about how my husband and I got married when I was 20 and we now had a 4 year old.  After I had loaded the groceries into my car, I thanked him for his assistance, and tried to get away from him.  He put his hand on my lower back and walked me to my door, tapped my butt lightly, told me he hoped he’d see me again, and walked away.  Weirdest day ever.

lol, Seether just came on my Shuffle.  Glad I’ve been practicing my rock hands.

Dude in library.  No.  I don’t want you sitting next to me.  And no, I don’t want you looking at me either.  G.T.F.O.